Beach shoe: flip-flop, flip-flop or mule sandal?

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Wearing suitable shoes and clothes for the beach is ideal, especially with summer coming. Who wouldn’t want to wear trendy accessories to enhance their moments of relaxation? Indeed, keeping the style even at the beach is always possible. Moreover, there is a whole selection of beach shoes such as flip flops , flip flops or mule sandals , etc. on the market. To get an idea of ​​the beach shoes to adopt, here is a guide presenting the details of these different models of beach shoes

What are the advantages of a tap?

A flip-flop is a shoe suitable for the beach as well as for short outings to the pool. It has a much thicker sole than a flip-flop. The slide has a simple vamp strap. This strap allows for stability while walking, as it easily attaches to the feet. In general, tap shoes are shoes without heels. They may, however, have half-heels. The advantage of these shoes is that they leave the toes exposed. In addition, this model of beach shoe allows you to move in the water, which is why a flip-flop is often worn during a day of nautical activity, at the pool or at the beach. However, pool slides can also be put on during short walks around town or even at home. 

A quality and revolutionary product

Initially, this type of shoe was not successful. The material from which these shoes are made has even experienced a sharp decline in terms of sales. The first reason was based on the style of tap dancing, deemed not best for a child or an adult. With the technological revolution, the tap has become a successful product in the market. There are branded tap shoes today such as those offered by Schu’zz. They have a current and sporty look. These slides are very comfortable thanks to the use of EVA plastic as a manufacturing material. EVA is an ultra light, flexible and above all resistant polymer. The advantage of this material is that it gains more durability, especially at the level of the sole. 

Footwear suitable for the holidays


Slides allow their users to spend a moment of freedom and comfort at their feet. Indeed, they are used for a free ventilation of the feet. They come in different colors: black, white, blue, red, etc. For holiday lovers, tap shoes are pairs of shoes to adopt. 

The different types of tap

These shoes are available in two models, the women’s slides and the men’s slides. 

Slides for men

With the models of tap for men and women, the distinction of the categories is made mainly at the level of the size and the color. For men, the most trendy colors are especially those that are neutral: black, white and blue. For the size of the sole, it varies from 40 to 47. Schu’zz has increased the thickness of the sole of the tap shoe by 4 cm in order to better support the plantar frame of the man. Thus, to relax, the man can put on the tap, he will have the impression of walking on a cushion of air. 

Slides for women

As for women, they love the rather classic and flashy style. The Schu’zz brand offers a range of tap shoes for women. Apart from the models with a classic color (black, white, blue), we also distinguish those with quite feminine colors such as aqua blue and coral red. These slides are suitable for women who love the modern look. In addition, they offer absolute comfort. Indeed, the flip flops are comfortable and remain the most popular for women and young girls for a walk on the beach. 

Why opt for a pair of flip flops?

The thong is the very definition of what is called “lightness” and “freedom”. Despite the color and size of the shoe, flip flops remain the lightest relaxwear models on the market. They are only 200 g per foot. They are offered by the Schu’zz brand. These accessories are unequaled especially to prevent the feeling of fatigue. In addition, flip flops cover the foot less. Other sandals like mules include a toe box that secures them to the foot. 

The benefits of flip flops

They offer perfect lightness, which prevents fatigue, while offering a feeling of comfort to the feet. Since the foot remains locked in a shoe most of the time, the sandal allows it a little freedom. At the same time, the feet are no longer at risk of perspiration, because they enjoy natural ventilation. For a free heel, this shoe should be adopted. Both women and men can wear it anywhere, especially at the beach on vacation, although it can also be worn at home. 

The thong model proposed by Schu’zz

The flip-flop is the very symbol of the holidays, because it brings to mind the sun, relaxation and everything related to summer periods. The Schu’zz model honors the value of summer and holidays, thanks to its casual and comfortable look. The manufacturing material is injected EVA polymer plastic. It is a very high quality material, the plastic contains in its cells a microscopic number of air bubbles. These functions explain the lightness, flexibility and softness of the flip-flop when worn. It is also very ergonomic, designed to suit the shape of the arch of the foot. The foot does not need to arch in this sandal. Combined with the thickness of the heel, it helps to avoid back pain and provides unequaled comfort. This model is resistant, especially to all kinds of chemicals, especially chlorine. It can be worn all day. Its sole is very resistant and slips little even on the tiles. This is why this type of sandal is suitable for swimming pools and beaches and guarantees perfect safety for its user.

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