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How many clothes to provide for Baby?

Personally, I had made pretty lists and tables at all costs to find myself there to prepare enough clothes for the arrival of baby. Indeed, I had decided to use some of the bodysuits and pajamas size birth and one month given by my sister.

On the other hand, I wanted to complete my list of baby clothes with new clothes. Then, with clothes found either in “empty-pushchairs” or in “consignment-sale of baby items” stores. It all depends on your desires, your wishes and your budget to offer baby the outfits of your choice.

I recommend this, which seems to me to be the ideal quantities so as not to miss anything in case of urgent need . 

Keep in mind that there may be certain everyday accidents that require baby to be changed… For example:

  • The diaper that  overflows with pee while sleeping
  • This same layer that overflows for another reason  
  • Baby’s regurgitation
  • The puree or compote that flies after food diversification

I had purchased more than listed above as far as outfits go (pants and long sleeves).

But on a daily basis, I ended up leaving my baby very often in pajamas for the first 3 months , for his comfort! See your dispatch according to your baby’s birth season as well.

How many baby clothes per size?

To determine what size clothes to buy for the birth of a baby, you can base yourself on the latest T3 ultrasound. For what ?

Because during this ultrasound you will have an estimate of the weight and height of your baby at term… So, if your baby is estimated with a “featherweight” birth weight, you will know that it is better to buy too birth sizes for your newborn.

On the other hand, if your child is estimated to have a “comfortable” birth weight, then focus instead on size 1 month. It may be good in any case to have a few bodysuits and pajamas (4 or 5) at birth, just in case…

It may be that baby finally weighs less than announced or that he decides to point the tip of his nose before the end! In order not to be caught off guard, it is always interesting to take some clothes in birth size , you never know!

Where to buy the clothes to plan for the arrival of baby?

For my part, I bought a lot online for convenience . Indeed, buying online avoids moving around and being jostled in the event of a rush with your big bottle!

In addition, there are often attractive promotions all year round on unsold items from previous years, for example, this allows you to dress your baby while having fun at a lower cost!

Baby’s wardrobe from 0 to 6 months: my best addresses

KIABI baby collection.

I found a lot of basic and nice pajamas there for only 4€. As well as lots of cheap bodysuits etc. If your budget is quite limited, Kiabi is a good alternative for finding accessible parts for your newborn.

Good basics that fit well (not too small!) at low prices. You can therefore fill the baby’s wardrobe from 0 to 6 months without breaking the bank , if that is your goal.

You will also find a very pleasant maternity collection !

LITTLE BOAT for baby

Here, the sailor mode calls you loudly …

  • To delight you, 4 categories.
  • birth
  • Babe
  • child
  • adult.

If you are looking for a matched mother-baby look, treat yourself to a sailor top for babies and a sailor top for you. ⚓

The budget is a little higher than Kiabi, but the quality is there. So, if you want some quality pieces, beautiful and resistant to the onslaught of regurgitation, click with your eyes closed.

Jacadi Baby Collection 

Several categories are available for your greatest pleasure: baby (0 to 36 months) , children and also the essentials .

Here, you find the stylish and assertive style to highlight your little wonders. Style, elegance, a renowned brand… In short, to discover or rediscover .

There is something for every taste :

When to start buying baby clothes?

There is no clear rule on this subject: do as you see fit.

It is customary to wait for  the second echo (5 months) to know with almost certainty the sex of the baby, before starting to buy clothes!

Previously, you can  stock up on bodysuits without any worries (neutral, because they are often white or gray, or mixed colours). Do not hesitate either to anticipate on some pajamas, hats etc of mixed color … To also spread out your expenses

Finally, don’t forget either that baby will have MANY gifts from those around him for birth, very often in size 3 months… Unless you have made a birth list where you have specified your needs, you will have to more stock in 3 and 6 months, be certain.

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