5 Tips to Design Your Coffee Tables

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Coffee tables are widely used pieces of furniture in any living room area. It unites people, gives the space for putting glasses with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and snacks on, and offers the opportunity to elevate your feet after a long day. It is also important to consider what kind of a coffee tables you choose or design as it has to be suitable to your taste.

Fits into your lifestyle

When choosing the style or the material of the coffee table, one must consider what he or she is going to do with the coffee table. Do you need additional storage for things like remotes, books, blankets? Will it become the place where wine glasses are placed or a place for having a family game night regularly? These aspects shall be based on your preferences and lifestyle to determine the size, shape, storage, and functionality of the space. Customers with young children may require an ottoman that has space for storage while those who entertain often may need a table that accommodates wine and cheese boards and more glasses.

Select a shape

Coffee table size is also diverse, and while most of them are quadrilateral in shape, other shapes include circles, curved oval shapes, and even zig-zag. When choosing a shape for the sofa, there should be taken into account the lines of the existing sofas and the general plan of the room. When it comes to sectionals or large curved sofas, the oval or circular tables blend well with the tables and easily complement the seating arrangements. Rectangular or square shaped tables complement straight settees and are also more suited for places that are likely to be limited by space.

Choose a height range

Typically coffee tables should be in a standard height of about 16 to 18 inches. But there are tables that are closer to the floor at about 12 inches high and there are coffee tables with a raised or lifting top that can be as tall as 20 inches or more. The ideal height can also vary since you need to consider the height that is most suitable for the activities that will be conducted on the coffee table. Speaking of which, heights between 12-14 inches are suitable for more frequent use of laptops or for those who eat and/or drink while seated on the floor.

Choose materials

Coffee table materials can range from natural woods to concrete, glass, marble and metal covering a host of choices. Country styles are associated with the use of repurchased timber whereas contemporary styles incorporate the use of metal as well as glass. There are also many kinds of composite combinations including concrete and wooden ones or metal furniture with marble finish at its top. Select materials of the chosen style and remember that some options would be more suitable for a house with children or animals.

Use Storage Furniture If Necessary

There are plenty of designs that are focused on the storage but still keep the items within reach such as baskets and trunks, lift-top and drawer coffee tables. Lift tops provide quick access to the storage cubbies and always you get the foods and drinks within easy reach when you close it. Having a furniture piece with drawers incorporated into the design of the table means that you have concealed storage space. And adding baskets or trunks, for example, gives cheap shelving that you can change or move if you need to update a style.


If you give a few moments of your time for thinking about your home area and your requirements, you can either suppose or look for the right coffee table for your entertaining purpose or for the nights that are dedicated to your favorite TV serials. The tips outlined above should be used as a general guideline when approaching the design of your perfect coffee table. And remember, when determining the dimensions of your new piece, be mindful of whether it will complement the current sofas or sofa bed that may be in your home to create an inviting atmosphere regardless of the path life takes.

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