Choosing your wedding rings: all you need to know about buying wedding rings

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You don’t buy wedding rings like any piece of jewelry. These rings of a lifetime are the symbol of your commitment and an imperishable memory of your union. To choose the best your wedding rings, our complete guide is here for you!

Your wedding is an opportunity to respect certain customs and traditions, like the famous wedding rings that you want to exchange as a sign of your love and wear as a symbol of your commitment . After buying your first engagement ring, you now have wedding bands in mind as a priority. To guide you on the path to buying the most symbolic jewelry in your history, we have concocted a complete guide with all the advice you need to choose your wedding rings wisely . 

In this article and you will see it immediately more clearly!

1. Where to buy wedding rings?

Jewelers or jewelry stores are the best places to find your wedding rings or engagement rings. Indeed, these specialized stores bring together a selection of rings that you can both observe closely and try on, while benefiting from the welcome, support and advice of professionals, accustomed to receiving brides and grooms .

Here, there are no surprises, you will know very concretely if you like the jewel or not, and you can immediately leave with it or ask for it to be adjusted to your size or personalized as soon as possible.

The advantage of these sales spaces is that they bring together hundreds of references from which you will be spoiled for choice. Since you will not have the rings in your hands, be all the more vigilant as to the quality of the products offered for sale: materials, origin, place of manufacture, label, guarantees, conditions of sale and after-sales service. 

Couples today most often live together before their marriage, the payments for all the elements of the marriage are made jointly using a shared account, and are distributed equitably according to the financial means of each .

2. How to choose alliances?

Each couple has their own type of wedding gold stud earrings. Classic wedding rings continue to be highly favored by brides and grooms. We are talking here about the traditional gold bangle, a fine and smooth ring with timeless elegance, rounded on all sides. Variant ? The half ring , rounded inside and flat outside.

The ribbon wedding ring is another derivative of the traditional ring, where the ring here is flat inside and out, and wider than a classic wedding ring.

As for the fancy wedding rings , they come out of the classic and glamorous canons of jewelry to offer you unique aesthetics: chiselled wedding ring, wedding ring engraved in lace, twisted ring, matte and grainy finish ring, intertwined rings, etc. It’s about letting your creativity speak, without losing sight of the style of your wedding outfit or your everyday clothes.

3. Parameters to consider before purchase

The choice of metal for your wedding rings is key, and while gold remains the most classic of materials and still a widely popular choice, silver is attracting more and more brides, and especially men, as the color is more neutral and therefore easier to wear. Platinum is also of interest to manufacturers and future brides for its resistance.

To choose the right ring size , have your ring finger measured by the jeweler or bring one of your rings as a reference. Also take into account the length of your fingers when choosing the thickness of the ring. If you have small hands, the thinnest rings are recommended. With long fingers you can afford somewhat wider models..

Finally, remember that you will be wearing your wedding rings every day and for years to come. Also, beyond favorites and current trends , choose rings that you are not likely to get tired of quickly.

4. How to make alliances unique?

Personalizing your wedding rings is very easy. Engraving a message inside the rings is the most common way to make your wedding jewelry unique. You can write the date of the wedding, the first name or nickname of the bride and groom, or even a sentence (promise, poem, romantic quote) inside the ring, and even why not separate the sentence in two for a real complementarity .

A change of date , an unforeseen event that forces you to review the text of the alliances? Rest assured, because it is quite possible to modify the first engraving of the rings. To do this, refer to your sales contract to see if the rectification is included in your package , then contact your jeweler. The latter will fill the first engraving with gold before replacing it, or sand the existing engraving.

5. Maintenance for lasting alliances

For wedding bands that last over time without deteriorating, start by choosing quality materials, 18-carat gold for example, but also a sufficiently heavy weight for resistant jewellery: 2.50g minimum for women, 3g even 3.50g for men .

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