how are new technologies redefining the boundaries of the world of beauty?

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which is blocked by several obstacles. The first is the lack of realism of avatars and the fact that these digital spaces are still in development. Another hurdle is imagining an avatar putting on makeup to enhance their appearance like a real face. A user will find it unnecessary to apply lipsticks or moisturizers to avatars in the metaverse.

On the contrary, it can be more fun to carry a Gucci bag or 

use affect to capture the user’s attention . 

But the beauty industry can still make a name for itself in the metaverse

The beauty sector can be a key player in the metaverse. While other sectors, such as Retail and Fashion are embracing immersive technologies, beauty is one of the few sectors to have both strong interest and substantial financial investment in immersive technologies. In fact, 60% of millennials are willing to get the products they have physically in virtual spaces. Baby boomers are no exception, as they are interested in advice or tutorials from beauty moguls in virtual worlds.

The metaverse is still under construction. But until then, beauty brands have the opportunity to experiment with ways to create uniquely immersive experiences in metaverses, whether gaming or mixed reality. These experiences can range from offering digital assets in the metaverse unlocking benefits such as a lifetime promotion to simply giving your voice to support a cause.  Emerging technologies like augmented reality or virtual reality have been used to improve the customer experience, increase brand awareness and engage the target audience in new ways. However,

In the metaverse, a makeup is also a wearable

wearables _are basically clothes that an avatar can wear in the metaverse. It can be accessories such as bags, jewelry or a hat. Generally, these wearables are associated with what we call “skins” in the proto-metaverse like Fortnite for example. These clothes are very aesthetic objects that players can obtain by unlocking levels or challenges, or simply by buying them in the game store. As for makeup, it can absolutely take the form of a wearable also, because it is an object that gives another look to the avatar of the user. So while some fashion brands have been able to harness the potential of the metaverse by providing users with digital wearables, beauty brands can, to some extent, do the same.

In fact, a study by Accenture found that 42% of Gen Xers and 23% of Baby Boomers were interested in virtual clothing such as makeup or hairstyles that their avatars could wear. They were also ready to try out these looks through augmented reality filters. This is obvious when we know that consumers spend a lot of time in virtual worlds. Their digital identity becomes as important as their real identity. So there are great opportunities for the beauty industry to meet the needs of these consumers.

Brands can introduce the metaverse to their new consumers and join the beauty moguls already there

The beauty industry could benefit from the tools and capabilities of the metaverse to create new experiences for customers. Brands can introduce the metaverse to their new consumers using virtual shopping and personalized experiences. They can host live events and games in the metaverse, or create personalized recommendations and virtual tryouts, all while keeping their goals and target audience in mind.

Refining consumer connection between virtual and real life in the beauty industry

In this increasingly connected world, virtual interaction is part of people’s daily lives. The beauty industry is no exception. Customers are looking for more integrated online experiences and brands need to find ways to make the metaverse more appealing to shoppers, brands and retailers. This therefore opens up new possibilities for brands, companies and users to sell and deliver products directly to avatars, for example. Brands can sell their products directly to the avatar , as the future of retail grows around the metaverse. This extension of real life is set to create new avenues and channels for all kinds of products and services.

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